Why You Should Use Instagram for Your Business

1 year ago

Why You Should Use Instagram for Your Business - simpliers blog

 What are the Advantages of Instagram for Brands?

Instagram; is a very helpful platform for brands to promote themselves, gain potential customers, and sell products and services. With over 2 billion active users, brands that prefer Instagram reach more customers. The advantages of Instagram for brands are as follows;


The health and beauty industries rank first in interaction. The shares of brands and make-up experts support the rise of the health and cosmetics industry on Instagram. Tourism, event organization, and the food-beverage industry are all related. The shares made by accounts such as travelers and tourism agencies help them ‌stand out on Instagram by positively affecting the event-organization sectors and food and beverage. One of the most interactive sectors of social media is the automobile. 


That 3 of the 10 accounts on the platform belong to Mercedes Benz pushes it away from being a brand and pursuing a different content strategy. It increases its importance with the brands in the automobile industry, which form a strong bond with its followers. Other sectors include fine arts, crafts, commerce, photography, sporting goods, and electronics.


Examples of Brands Using Instagram Effectively

The correct and effective use of Instagram takes place with different strategies. According to the follower and hashtag rates, the number of brands rising on the platform is quite high. With the strategies that increase the interaction, the awareness of the brands, the number of customers and their returns increase. Maintaining the summit with over 20 million hashtags, Nike proves it appeals to its target audience with its number of followers. Next, Starbucks contributes to both its followers and itself with its product images.


Nike and Starbucks, who selectively share their photos, quickly reach their goal. That NBA, Adidas Originals, and Top Shop brands are in the top 5 in the ranking gives information about the user of Instagram. National Geographic is the fastest growing brand with a high number of followers. Zara multiplies its popularity with the rapidly increasing number of hashtags from the past to the present. As a marketing tool, Instagram has a positive effect on the sales and promotions of brands by applying the right strategies.


Brands that pay attention to the fact that 1 of every 6 posts on their Instagram profile is highly interactive increase the visibility of their profiles. The easiest way to have highly interactive sharing is to organize a giveaway with many participants. With Simpliers, you can include organizing regular giveaway contests among your main strategies, like hundreds of thousands of brands that have grown by concluding giveaways.

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