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  • Click on the three dots at the top right of your Instagram post.
  • Click on the Copy link or link section.
  • Paste your copied giveaway's link into the field in the Simpliers Instagram giveaway tool.

Yes. You can add filters to make sure participants fulfill the conditions you set.

You can set rules such as

  • Avoid duplicate tags,
  • Set a limit on the number of tagged friends,
  • Set a #tag rule,
  • Check if participant follows specified accounts,
  • Check if participant account is an active account

So that you can do fair giveaways, simpliers recieves all comments on your giveaway post and publishes the entries on your giveaways' results page for everyone to review. All comments may take time depending on the number of comments.

You do not need to keep the page active after starting the giveaway. After all comments are recieved, simpliers will send you a notification via email.

You can end your giveaway for seconds after all comments have been recieved.

With Simpliers, you can do giveaways by combining your posts on different platforms.

For example, you can combine both those who retweeted a tweet on Twitter and those who commented on a post on Instagram into a single list and choose random winners from all of them.

In order to do giveaway with more than one post, you can use the + Add New Post button just below the area where you paste the link of your post.


You do not need to be a member to use Simpliers. As a guest, you can do your giveaway, make a payment and generate a CODE to announce your giveaway result.

All your actions are temporarily saved in your browser's memory.

However, you must create a membership in order to view your transactions from a different browser or device.

  1. All your transactions are recorded on our secure servers regardless of your device and browser.
  2. You can easily find your previous giveaways.
  3. You always have easy access to your messages with the support team.


Yes. All giveaway pickers are free until the comment set for a single post.

If you want to do a giveaway with multiple posts or take advantage of many more advantages such as unlimited replays and follower control, you must purchase a package or become a subscriber.

There is an option to charge per giveaway with Simpliers. You can make a one-time payment for a single giveaway.

If you are going to do more than one giveaway, you can take a look at the economical subscription options.

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