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As simpliers, we develop tools to simply the work of content creators and companies who use social media actively in whole of world.

We understand your needs and renew every day to make your work easier

Since the beginning of 2019, with simpliers, we have been providing infrastructure to social media sweepstakes of hundreds of thousands of influencers, boutiques and many well-known corporate brands, and we ensure that they are giving gifts completely reliable.

Having the technological architecture to provide real-time and uninterrupted system resources and the infrastructure that can perform millions of draws, the simpliers Giveaway tool also provides services to the needs of corporate companies in different departments, especially human resources organizations.

2.66 M

The number of giveaways resulted with simpliers

6.07 M

The number of gift winners with simpliers

3.50 B

The number of entries gathered with simpliers

114 K

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Trusted by more than a hundred thousand world-famous Brands and Influencers for giveaway pickers.