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Instagram Story Viewer

Watch and download Instagram stories securely, privately, and anonymously without sharing your account information.

Anonym Story Viewer
  • View Instagram stories invisibly and keep your privacy!
  • Don't leave a trace behind by viewing IG stories anonymously.
  • Protect your privacy. No need your Instagram credentials, completely secure.
  • Clean interface and easy to use by simple and minimalist design for anonymous viewer.
  • All the nice features are free forever.
  • Do not need to create an account
  • You can save the stories that you do not want to be lost in 24 hours by clicking download button.

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What is the Instagram Story Viewer tool?

It is a free tool that allows you to view all the Insta stories anonymously of any accounts with public accounts without leaving a trace, without any information about the person being seen. You can anonymously watch the IG stories of the person you want on Instagram without being seen.

If you want to watch the stories of the person you are curious about, offended, broke up with, the person you are going to interview, but cannot watch because you are afraid that your name will be seen, the Simpliers Anonymous Story Viewer tool is for you.

Why should I use the anonymously Instagram story viewer?

Keeping up with what's going on on social media while protecting your privacy is a very common practice lately. It has even been given a name as stalking. When stalking a user, we sometimes want to view their stories privately.

In this case, Simpliers offers you the anonmymous IG Stories Viewer tool, which is an easy-to-use and fast tool.

How to use anonymous Instagram viewer?

Type the name of the person whose story you want and view Instagram stories anonymously. If you wish, you can download the photos or videos you watch.

Stalk professionally without leaving any traces behind you. Simpliers Insta Story Viewer tool lists the available stories of the Instagram account whose stories you want to view. You can view and download the stories in full screen by clicking on these stories.

Anonymous IG viewer helps you effortlessly watch & download HD Instagram Stories without a trace.

Yes. It is very easy to watch or download the Instagram story, and to do it without the knowledge of that account. With Simpliers' Instagram Anonymous Story Viewer tool, you can watch the stories shared on Instagram for free without sending the seen information to the other party.

You can use the application without logging in and sharing your Instagram account information. Access the stories of the user you want without sharing any other information. It is completely free; Gives importance to confidentiality; You do not need to share your password.

Instagram shares the information of the followers to the story owner when the stories are watched on its application. There is another way to view Instagram Stories without your name appearing. With Simpliers Instagram anonymous Story Viewer, stalking has never been this easy and seamless! All IG stories are at your fingertips.

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