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1 year ago

Instagram giveaway; It is one of the most popular ways that business and brand managers used to increase the awareness of their accounts, gain more customers and reach the target audience more easily.

Tips for Create Instagram Giveaway - simpliers blog

What is Instagram Giveaway?

Almost everyone uses social media in the digitalizing and socializing world. There are many popular social networks available. One of the most popular social networks is Instagram. Instagram; is an application for sharing photos and videos. On Instagram, whose user base has exploded in recent years, users resort to many ways to gain new followers or increase the awareness of their brands. The most popular of these is the Instagram giveaway. So, what is an Instagram giveaway?

Instagram giveaway; It is one of the most popular ways that business and brand managers used to increase the awareness of their accounts, gain more customers and reach the target audience more easily.

How to Make an Instagram Giveaway Contest?

There are many steps to consider when making an Instagram giveaway contest. If we follow correctly these steps, the targeted goal can be easily achieved and we can address the desired target audience. So, what are the steps that users who want to giveaway contests should follow to be successful? Please continue to read, we discuss this topic below.

Setting a Giveaway Contest Purpose

The golden rule in Instagram Giveaway is to predetermine the purpose of the contest campaign. An aimless giveaway distracts the user from success and does not reach the intended participant. That's why goals and objectives should be set before making a contest.

Select a Gift

Select a gift that would excite your followers. Choosing the gift that your followers can relate to will increase their interest in your giveaway. The attractiveness of the gift to be given at the time of the giveaway will allow more people to participate in that campaign. This increases the value of the brand much faster.

Set Easy Rules  

It is very important to keep the conditions of participation easy while organizing the giveaway contest. Participation rates of the participants in the giveaway that require a lot of effort and conditions are low. Because people may not want to devote most of their time and energy to these works and they may get bored ‌quickly and leave them halfway. This situation prevents the giveaway contest from reaching enough people. You may request to follow your account from the people who join your giveaway. For your giveaway to reach out to more people, asking people to tag their friends is one of the most popular rules.

Keep the Giveaway Contest Time Short

The results of the giveaway contest should be announced in a short time and the winner should be determined. Participants should not be kept waiting for a long time. If people encounter such a situation, they may not participate in the next giveaway contest. This leads to a decrease in the quality and the number of followers.

Promote the Giveaway

Share images and videos that explain your rules and the gift.

Reshare often these stories and posts to remind the audience. The promotion of the giveaway allows Instagram users to have an opinion about the brand. If users know the content, they can participate in the giveaway contest more easily. The better and more careful the content and promotion of the giveaway, the faster the target audience will be reached.

Identify Perfect-Fit Hashtags for the Instagram Giveaway Contest

Using hashtags that apply to the subject while giving the giveaway will allow the posts shared on Instagram to reach much more people. It is important to use hashtags that will bring followers to the brand while making the giveaway contest. If the right hashtags are not used, the giveaway reaches people who are not related to the brand and the desired goal cannot be reached.

Pick Winners Fairly

Making a transparent and reliable giveaway is very important for both the participants and the brand. In this way, the trust of many people is established and the reputation of the brand increases. Thanks to the mutual trust of brands and Instagram users, growth is easier. With your own rules set, specify the winners easily through Simpliers, an app that is trustable and the most used comment picker.

What are the Benefits of Creating an Instagram Giveaway Contest?

Thanks to Instagram, which is preferred by many people, increasing brand awareness, reaching the target audience more easily, and increasing the number of followers. While doing all these events, they prefer various ways. One of them is the Instagram giveaway. Thanks to the Instagram contests, users can be reached more easily, and brand owners can present their products to many audiences. Thanks to the giveaway, you can easily reach target markets and increase your customer base much more easily. 

Social media giveaways are effective because brands won’t be doing them if they are not effective. In fact, based on a survey, 74.28% of brands run giveaways on various social networks, mostly on Instagram. And the main reasons they do these are to increase followers and brand awareness.

Social media giveaways give you engaging content and encourage social sharing. Also, it can gain you, new customers.

What should you pay attention to when making an Instagram giveaway contest?

There are many issues to consider before making an Instagram giveaway contest. When these issues are taken into consideration, brand awareness will increase in the right proportion. One issue to be considered is the determination of the priority of the giveaway contest to be made. What is the purpose of the contest? What is the goal to be achieved? For example; Is your priority to gain followers or increase brand awareness? Or to increase the number of visitors to your current internet address? 

If the target to be reached is determined, it will be so easy to contest the path to be followed. Another issue to be considered is the gifting of products that may attract the attention of followers. In this way, both the number of participants increases and brand awareness increases. Instagram giveaway contests attract the attention of many users, but the most important point that the people or brands who organize the contest should pay attention to should be the ease of participation conditions. Because of the difficult participation conditions and the long giveaway process of Instagram contests, followers may be lost and it may not achieve the desired interaction. This makes it difficult to reach the desired target audience. When the contest organizes by paying attention to all these issues, it is inevitable to reach the targeted audience and achieve success in a short time.


What Tool Should You Use for Instagram Giveaway Contest?

The first place Instagram users look for when they want to giveaway contests is the search engines. A lot of information about how to proceed and which sites are reliable are searched on the internet. The common concern of users is to find a reliable random comment picker tool.

There are many giveaway contest tools on the market right now. Some of them are paid and some are free. But some giveaway tools give random results by choosing from a few hundred recent comments. This means that the giveaway does not actually give a reliable result. Because of this situation, the trust of users and participants is shaken. All this is negative feedback for the brand and losing followers is an inevitable result. All these should be considered and the random winner picker tools should be chosen well. They should ensure that all comments are received completely. In this way, both the business is not damaged and the trust of the users is not damaged.


What is the Importance of Reliability in the Instagram Giveaway Contest?

Instagram users attach great importance to the transparency and reliability of the giveaway. So much so that many Instagram users care about data privacy. Fair and reliable giveaway contest; gaining the trust of the people taking part in the giveaway allows more users to participate in the contest. It is necessary to make sure that the giveaway tool to be used really reaches all the comments. This is the best way to ensure that the efforts of your followers are not wasted and the business is not damaged. Simpliers pick a winner from all comments. Not from only a few comments. Both the first comment and the last comment ‌win. With premium security providers around the world, your information and giveaways are safe. So you can build followers' trust with simpliers.


What Does Instagram Random Picker Site Simpliers Offer to You?

Organizing a regular giveaway contest on the Instagram account is one of the most important tools to increase the number of existing followers and improve brand quality. Thanks to simpliers, which were established to bring the brand and you to your target audience and increase brand awareness, it is possible to make transparent and reliable contest.

Instagram random comment picker site simpliers offers you many opportunities. It also offers the opportunity to list all the comments of the participants in the giveaway you have made on the results page and easily share this listed information with your followers. Getting data from Instagram is a long and time-consuming process. Thanks to simpliers, you can scan tens of thousands of comments in seconds and get precise results.


The Instagram giveaway contest result site simpliers provides a completely need-oriented service. During the giveaway contest, the password of your social media accounts and the use of confidential data are not required. In this way, all giveaway contests are carried out safely. In addition, simpliers is with you whenever you want. It can be used easily and smoothly from all devices.

simpliers will lead you to success much faster. Thanks to simpliers instagram giveaway contest app, you can easily reach large target audiences and increase your brand quality.

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