How To Find Sponsors For Giveaways [Guide]

1 year ago

How to find a giveaway sponsor? How will you determine the gifts as the giveaway prize? We have prepared a guide on choosing a giveaway gift and finding a sponsor.

How To Find Sponsors For Giveaways [Guide] - simpliers blog

Undoubtedly, making giveaways is the most practical way to make your followers happy, build a loyal audience, and grow your account.

So how will you determine the gifts as a giveaway prize? We have prepared a guide on choosing a giveaway gift and finding a sponsor.

Giveaways gift ideas for business accounts:

If you have a business account, a gift related to your business will easily attract the attention of your target audience and followers. To organize a successful Instagram giveaway, your gift should attract the attention of your followers who follow your account.

For example;

  • Gift ideas for restaurants; a meal for two,
  • Gift care or sessions for beauty centers,
  • For boutiques, designating one of your bestsellers as a gift is a strategy that works.

You can organize a joint giveaway with your business partner. Thus, you can keep the gift sponsorship investment sustainable while the followers of both accounts support each other.

For a gym business, gifts that support your business are also effective, rather than directly offering free membership. You can give a sports bag, towel, and water bottle set as a gift. These gifts related to your business are the gifts that will be remembered in daily use and will remind you of your business.

Why is it important to set the right giveaway prize?

You will have a giveaway campaign with high participation and plenty of interaction. It is enough for the participants to be motivated and tag their friends in the comments so that there are many people who will discover your account thanks to your giveaway campaign.

Ideas for finding gifts and sponsors for influencers and personal accounts:

You can designate a personal item with a story as a gift. A product that has sentimental value and belongs to you will attract the attention of your followers. Books or accessories that you enjoy reading are powerful gift alternatives in this regard.

With a modest budget, you can distribute a gift voucher for a product you like and use it to expand your account. This investment will be much more cost-effective in addition to the advertising and promotion investment you will make for the growth of your account.

You can reach the brands whose products and services you like to draw regularly to your audience. After introducing yourself and your followers, you can organize a joint giveaway and send your giveaway sponsorship request to the brands within the scope of promotion. Writing to brands on Instagram, accessing their website form, and sending an email are the most practical methods in this regard.

You can ask your followers for gift sponsorship by sharing on Instagram. Ask your followers to comment on which company they want a gift from, and tag the relevant brand in the comments. Thus, you will learn about the gifts your followers want, share plenty of interactive pre-draw content, and ensure that brands tagged in the comments receive notifications for possible collaborations.

Search for popular #hashtags related to the giveaway. Reach out to the companies sponsoring the giveaways. Tags like #giveaway #giveawaycontest #giveawaytime will help you reach potential sponsors.

Make sure your profile is open for anyone to send DMs. Prevent potential sponsors and opportunities from reaching you and communication accidents. Sharing your e-mail address and phone number in your profile is helpful to keep communication channels open.

Announce that you will conclude your giveaway with simpliers, the world's most used and trusted giveaway tool. This way, sponsors and business partners will be more motivated to sponsor because they know that the gift will be given fairly to the lucky winner.

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