3 Tips for Running Engaging Instagram Giveaways

1 year ago

1. Create Giveaway Excitement 2. Determine the easy entry criteria for your contest. 3. Launch and Promote your Instagram Giveaway Contest

3 Tips for Running Engaging Instagram Giveaways - simpliers blog

We have prepared a guide for you to reach high participants in your Instagram giveaway. You can apply these tactics every time you make giveaway, which will allow you to grow your account and organize an Instagram giveaway contest with high excitement.

Create Giveaway Excitement

Pick an awesome prize. Gifts that will create the will to win activate. Share the actual photo of your gift. If possible, a photo of the gift to be sent with you supports the sincerity and the story.

Distribute to multiple winners. The more winners come, the more participation. Identifying at least 3 winners is the most common and working setup.

Announce the substitute winners.The fact that the winners will be determined as well as the number of winners is interpreted as a sign of the sincerity of the giveaway contest. It increases the participation in the giveaway and the excitement of the giveaway contest.

Determine the Easy Entry Criteria for Your Contest

Set easy participation rules. Make sure the giveaway contest rules are short, clear and easy to understand. The two most popular rules are: following your account, tagging friends in the comments to spread the giveaway post to a wider audience.

Select a campaign hashtag. Consider creating an interesting and unique campaign hashtag to help spread awareness of your giveaway contest. For instance, along with #giveaway, you might include #winitwednesday #[yourbrand]giveaway #[yourbrand]contest, or something similar.

Put a time-limit on your contest. Keep the duration of your giveaway contest the ideal length. 1 or 2 weeks are the most common giveaway contest periods. The time-limit will ideally create a sense of urgency, and incentivize followers to engage with your post more quickly. Keeping the time too short will not be enough for word of mouth to spread, while the drawing period is too long may reduce the motivation of the participants. 

Launch and Promote your Instagram Giveaway Contest

Catch the special occasion trend. Special days and holidays, where celebrations and greetings are common, are ideal times for giveaway. Preparing for these dates is at least 2 weeks in advance and organizing a giveaway contest will increase your giveaway campaign interaction. Simpliers' special days and holidays calendar contents are published on Simpliers official Instagram account at the beginning of each month.

Advertise and promote your giveaway. With paid ads, you can make your giveaway to be noticed by audiences close to your target audience on social media. Do not forget to share with your colleagues and whatsapp groups for free.

Remind your giveaway in your stories. Your followers, who did not see your post that day, can participate by seeing that you have organized a giveaway from your stories.

For information on social media and giveaway tactics, you can follow Simpliers  Instagram account @simpliers: https://www.instagram.com/simpliers/

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